Sunday 19th March 2023

3.00 pm

Runtime: 120 minutes

Colyer-Fergusson Hall

The Gulbenkian Arts Centre

University of Kent

Cara Berridge, cello

and Libby Burgess, piano

Programme Notes

Debussy (1862-1918) Sonata for cello and piano in d minor

This is one of three instrumental sonatas (he intended to write six) which was composed in 1915 and dedicated to his wife. It was both the first chamber work in his late style and a seminal work of the twentieth century.

  1. Prologue: Lent, sostenuto e molto risoluto
  2. Sérénade: Modérément
  3. Finale: Animé, léger et nerveux


Beethoven (1770-1827) Sonata op. 102 no 2

Composed exactly one hundred years before the Debussy, this work also marks a significant point in Beethoven’s life heralding the third and final period of composition reflecting his profound deafness and turbulent thoughts.

  1. Allegro con brio
  2. Adagio con molto sentimento d'affetto – Attacca
  3. Allegro – Allegro fugato


Fauré (1845-1924) Papillon (op.77) and Romance (Op.69)

Composed in 1885 and 1894 these two short pieces the youthful nature of which was maintained in the later cello sonatas written between 1915 and 24 when Vincent D’Indy remarked how lucky Faure was to sound so youthful!


Chopin (1810-1849) Cello Sonata in G minor Op. 65

This piece was written in 1846-1847. It is one of only nine works of Chopin published during his lifetime that were written for instruments other than piano and was the last of Chopin's works to be published in his lifetime.

  1. Allegro moderato in G minor
  2. Scherzo in D minor, Trio in D major
  3. Largo in B-flat major
  4. Allegro in G minor, ending in G major