Membership / Subscription

The Standard subscription for the 80th Anniversary Season of eight concerts is £120.00. The price of Subscriptions after the season has started will be reduced by £15.00 per concert.

Benefits of Membership:

* Become part of the Music Club and enjoy the fellowship of other music lovers

* Receive complimentary tickets for live performances

* Receive free tickets for streaming live and recorded concerts

* Have priority seating and purchase of additional tickets and / or CAVATINA free tickets

* Benefit from reduced prices - £15.00 per concert for the whole season compared to Single ticket prices of £17.50 per concert

* Enjoy hot and cold soft drinks at concessionary prices from the Members' area in the Foyer during concert intervals - with time to meet friends and chat!

* Be kept fully up to date with the Season's progress including news flashes before each concert and the latest Covid guidance.

Payment can be either by cheque or bank / online transfer. Please contact our Treasurer for Membership forms and postal or bank details.